Alicia Lutes

Alicia Lutes is an aspiring television writer, staff writer at, budding improv nerd, and corgi enthusiast. She loves Tina Fey, television, owls, ugly things and has an uncanny ability to put together a really money cheese plate. Growing up, her grandfather frequently said, "you’re so god-damned good with words! You should do something with words with your life!" so she made it her quest to do just that. (You never disappoint your grandparents.) She firmly believes if you're not embarrassing yourself at least once a day, you're not living life right. She looks forward to retiring at the age of 80 and opening a fromagerie with a small army of wrinkly-faced and stumpy-legged dogs. She will wear many hats. She lives in Los Angeles.


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Twitter: @alicialutes