Or how my husband had sex with a stripper the night before our wedding and I married him anyway.
Would it ruin your day if you didn’t shout a racial slur in mixed company?
I want to make my own money and be professionally fulfilled, but something in my brain won't let me.
I've started seeing IHTM titles everywhere I go: song titles, ad copy, random snippets of conversations with friends...

Aug 27, 2014 at 11:30am | 19 comments

acquaintance rape
She confirmed what the hair on my arms already knew: My best friend just got hit on by my attacker.
I don't stalk exes all that often. But when I do, I get puppies.

Aug 25, 2014 at 3:00pm | 345 comments

sexual assault
I’ll never forget that blunt thudding sound the back of his head made as it hit the wall.
online dating
This is the first time in history that men have experienced droves of driven, intelligent women. And it is apparent that many are not handling it well.
I put up with mean-girl treatment at my nail-salon job, but a getting bit by a bed bug at my station was the last straw.
Alcohol opened him up in ways that I never could. It made him more sexually aggressive, more unguarded about his past and less likely to evade my questions about his thoughts and feelings.
I knew he was into yoga. I just figured his quarter-life crisis was taking even more of a new-age turn. A little more granola than I usually like in a guy, but this wasn’t very serious so I would let it slide.
breast cancer
Weight-loss surgery is not a subject you broach with someone is worried she might have breast cancer. It's just not.
past lives
Upon first meeting him, I didn't trust him. He had an incredibly creepy vibe which only increased as he tried to get me alone with him. I instantly knew that I didn't want this man to be screwing around in my subconscious.
nude modeling
When my best friend described her life-drawing class, I was amazed to hear that there was a place where not only did all the usual beauty standards not matter, but that the opposites were actually coveted.
I wouldn’t trade that period in my life for anything, though. It was the worst time ever but I’m stronger having gone through it. The day I stopped believing was 12 days before I tried to kill myself.
I had no idea that penny slot machines and scratch-off lottery tickets could destroy a home.
I’ve never had a wedding myself, but my understanding is that most of the attention is supposed to be on the bride and groom and not on the imploding personal lives of any of the guests.
It may sound melodramatic, but my speech impediment has affected my identity, friendships, family dynamic and my professional path.