There had to be room on this list for hatred of individual men who done you wrong, especially when combined with destruction of personal property.

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At 15, I'd only touched the tip of the heartbreak iceberg. But if I could blast Liz Phair in my bedroom -- and learn how to swear with her emphatic nonchalance -- I might be OK.
my so-called life
I can’t get through a single episode without crying, welling up from the opening credits though each scene, emotions coming in waves off a collectively unconscious teenage ocean.
cultural appropriation
With so many popular, dynamic, and varied young female artists jumping at the chance to capitalize on cultures that are fundamentally not their own, it’s getting increasingly difficult to shrug this trend off.
the good men project
The new family-friendly Scooby Doo movie, “Frankencreepy,” curses Daphne by making her fat. What kind of message does that send to our kids?
I do sometimes wish I could revert back to my blissful state of ignorance that allowed me to enjoy whatever entertainment I sought out, without minding if it was problematic or not.

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80s movies
Can I just say how amazing of a childhood those of us who grew up in the ‘80s and ‘90s had? We somehow managed to imbibe media and still spend a decent amount of time outdoors. How did this happen? Well, because movies used to teach us shit.
Instead of just hot must-reads from recent years, this list is comprised of truly life-changing and genre-changing texts.
In the end, it’s still a movie about a white person killing a bunch of Asian people.
"I’m doing this terrible thing, plotting these horrible deaths by day and promoting this sweet, sweet series by night."
I want to hear all about your most recent "can't-put-it-down" page turner, please.
Why isn’t the rest of the world tired of this guy who should go to therapy instead of crouching on rooftops and brooding in shadows?
For so many people in my generation, the song was the first time we took notice of many of those iconic names.
norm macdonald
It was the night of Norm Macdonald's "Letterman" debut when Robin Williams introduced himself to the young comic.
Almost every band I like has one or two songs that I actively dislike, and each one feels like a tiny betrayal.
marc maron
Over the past year I’ve become somewhat of a web series junkie. Being that I live in South Korea, English-language television pickings are slim, and one has to get sort of creative if she wants to see people like herself on the small screen.
I take your ideas and suggestions and criticism more seriously than you will ever know.
kathleen hanna
Miley just needs a good female influence. Someone who can explain to her exactly why Robin Thicke is the worst. A woman who can teach her how to ROCK. That person has arrived in the form of Kathleen Hanna.
She’s a true multi-threat singer, songwriter, producer, dancer and all-around powerhouse.

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thought catalog
In which Olivia and Lesley watch trailers and talk about them. Simple, really.