beauty industry
lupita nyong'o
I'm telling you, my lipstick has endured countless wine tastings, midnight kisses on New Year’s Eve and the occasional buffalo wings binge during football season thanks to this product.
beach culture
Even though I don’t skateboard to brunch and hang out at Echo Beach anymore, these beauty products bring me back to my happy place and really make me feel good.
Over a decade in the business has left me jaded, but I’m convinced this line parted the heavens and made angels sing.
truth in advertising
Legislative action isn't that powerful elsewhere -- why would this be any different?
celebrity beauty
There comes a point when you realize it's time to stop effing around and upgrade your skincare situation.
I usually have to Velcro-roll, blow dry, and iron-curl all over to achieve what this baby does from simply tying it on your head and letting it sit there.
hair color
More than ever, lighter hair color seems like a mandatory rite of passage for young stars.
If there's something out there that can help me get great skin, I'm down to give it a go.
Someone is about to get really clean. Could it be YOU?
makeup remover wipes
I blame the beauty industry for enabling my lazy face-washing habits.
Welcome to the Big Hair Don’t Care Club.
kate somerville
Sometimes my big hair feels like a third wheel in my relationships -- especially when I'm cuddling.
There are certain celeb looks that we can all agree are iconic, but I'm wondering what hairdos (no matter how random or quirky) really speak to YOU.
I wish I could say my aim was counterculture or feminist, but it’s not. I’m just lazy and razors are expensive.
the frisky
They’re pretty much exactly what they sound like -- little pieces of below-the-nail art that are reminiscent of those press-on tattoos you loved in your ’90s youth.

Mar 27, 2014 at 2:30pm | 35 comments

It’s the quintessential style for the woman who is perpetually late and who constantly forgets when she last washed her hair.
It's my duty as a writer and industry insider to let you know that you’re not alone when it comes to women's hair loss.
bb cream
Someone pulled this product directly from my wildest beauty dreams.
Just think of all the moisturizing showers you can get outta this prize! Your skin will be SO excited.
vintage beauty
The cast of the TV show "Bomb Girls" inspired me to wear this look more often.