Too busy to clean? Watch me pair some of my favorite beauty rituals with some of my most-hated household chores.

Aug 19, 2014 at 4:00pm | 49 comments

I buy into any mentality that validates laziness, but that feeling of just-washed hair? It’s irrefutably the best.
arm pits
Did you know that even if you're a proper lady and shave your unsightly underarm hair, your underarms will still continue to be #unsightly and #repulsive?
You think today's beauty commercials are trying to make you feel inadequate? It's nothing compared to the TV spots of a few decades ago.
I stood there a full minute, staring, before I whispered, "Kat Von D, you treacherous so and so!"
short hair
By not having long hair for much of high school and college, I taught myself to value my personality, and young men who felt the same.
I discovered the pros and cons of custom-blending my own avant-garde shades.
teeth whitening
The teenage goth in me got a grand kick out of having black liquid oozing out of my mouth.
blood orange
Today I am here to sing the praises of my favorite summer scent, my fruit muse, the BLOOD ORANGE.
teen movies
I can still remember every makeover scene, every outfit and transformation montage. Looking back, most of them don’t make any sense, but I was hooked.
korean products
When snails are agitated, they release a thick goop laced with nutrients that are thought to stimulate cell regeneration and moisturize the skin.
pot-bellied pigs
I don’t believe that all skincare products should be made with food-grade ingredients, but I also suspect that most humans aren’t tempted to eat their lotion.
body image
Strangers often feel free to weigh in on my kid’s appearance, often directly to her.
One of my coworkers stopped mid-story about some lady who was hoarding dead babies in her garage to tell me how great they looked -- they’re that awesome.
long hair
Friction = damage and damage = breakage and breakage = sadface.
nail picking
There’s no feeling on Earth that I would trade for the satisfaction of peeling off nail polish, and then peeling the layers of nail that once suffocated under said polish.
shark week
It’s that time of the year again, when everyone’s favorite part of summer is just around the corner! SHARK WEEK!
natural hair
Don’t say, 'I don’t know what I want,' and expect me to clairvoyantly pull it out of you.

Jul 31, 2014 at 12:00pm | 120 comments

A day routine may have anywhere between five and seven key products. A night routine -- and this is where most people balk -- can be between six and ten products.
hair accessories
Fear not, long-(or thick-)haired friends, I have four solutions to the problem of getting updos to stay up when you’ve got a lot of hair.
19 xoJaners gush about what they've been enthusiastically smearing all over their mouths lately.